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Speedy Septic service truck. Emergency Septic Pumping in Portland OR and Vancouver WA and The Dalles OR

If you need an emergency septic pumping, Speedy Septic is here for you. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your emergency septic pumping services.

If your septic system isn’t draining properly, raw sewage can suddenly back up into your building or home and create large puddles on your property. Exposed sewage is not only an unpleasant mess, but it can also pose serious health risks to anyone who comes in contact with the bacteria including people and pets.

When to Call for 24/7 Emergency Septic Pumping

There are several signs your septic system may require emergency services. Below are the most common signs.

  • Your drainfield is flooding: in some cases, emergency septic issues may not appear inside of your home, but outside. If you are experiencing pooling water near your septic tank or drainfield, that’s a sure sign something is wrong with your septic system.
  • Your toilets and drains are backing up: backed up toilets and drains are other surefire indications that you’re in need of emergency septic services. To help protect your family from becoming exposed to hazardous septic waste, you’ll want to have your septic system repaired immediately.
  • Sewage odor in your plumbing fixtures: when your toilets and drains are backing up, they may begin to emit foul odors.
  • Your septic alarm is going off: most modern septic systems are now equipped with alarms that will go off when there’s a leak, clog or another type of maintenance issue.
  • There are high levels of nitrates in your well water: if you’ve tested your well water recently and it’s showing high levels of nitrates, this is a sign of improper disposal of human waste. You’ll want to have your septic system inspected as septic tank waste often contains disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

These signs are most commonly caused by infrequent septic pumping and maintenance. If you’re experiencing these signs, contact Speedy Septic. One of our septic system technicians will head to your property immediately, inspect your system, and diagnose the exact cause.

Emergency Septic Pumping for Businesses

For commercial property owners, septic system emergencies can interrupt business activities, cause potential customers to turn away, and create legal liability. Speedy Septic offers emergency septic pumping services to address these issues for all our commercial customers.

Emergency Septic Pumping for Homeowners

Failing septic systems are potentially hazardous to your family, your neighbors, and your pets. Failing septic systems can also cause viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens from fecal waste to enter local waterways. So taking action quickly is crucial. We understand scheduling septic tank pumping, especially during an emergency, can be a hassle. From our friendly 24/7 customer service to our uniformed expert technicians, every member of our team is trained to make your septic tank pumping hassle-free.

Our trucks are equipped with many of the most common septic system parts so we may be able to fix your system on the spot.

24/7 Emergency Septic Services

If you believe you are experiencing a septic emergency, Speedy Septic can help. We have the largest fleet of trucks in the area and we’re standing by to help when you need it most. We provide septic pumping emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A truck is always on standby. So no matter what time it is, contact Speedy Septic for your septic emergency!

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Emergency Septic Pumping in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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