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Lift station repair alarm. Speedy Septic provides commercial lift station repair in Oregon and Washington.

Lift stations have alarms that will go off, alerting you to a problem with a pump failure, clogged line, or problem with the float. If your lift station has an audible alarm or flashing light, contact Speedy Septic for fast service.

We offer 24/7 emergency septic services to repair the problem quickly before it becomes a more serious issue. Call to speak with an expert!

Top Signs Your Lift Station Needs Repairs

Your lift station is an important part of your wastewater collection system and like most anything else, it will need to receive regular maintenance to work properly. If you experience any of the following signs, your lift station may need some attention.

  • Clogged pumps
  • Rusted valves
  • Tripping breakers & blown fuses
  • Continuously running pump

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, contact a qualified septic pump expert like Speedy Septic. We can replace the faulty parts and have your system running again to help prevent the well from overflowing.

Commercial Lift Station Repair

Commercial lift stations have multiple components, including the pipe system, valve system, junction box, and pump. When one of these is damaged or worn, it could lead to plumbing backups.

If you’re dealing with a malfunctioning lift station, contact us. We repair every part of life station systems, from rusted valves to burned out pumps. We’ll thoroughly inspect your system, make the necessary repairs, and test it to ensure it runs properly. Our team is experienced in all types of lift stations and can perform your lift station repairs efficiently and accurately.

Experts in Lift Station Repair

Your lift station is a complicated piece of equipment with many valves, motors, screens, and pumps. If your lift station’s alarm is going off or you’re noticing signs it’s malfunctioning, contact the lift station repair experts at Speedy Septic. We take great pride in our reputation for providing fast and reliable services to our communities. We offer a wide range of septic services to both homeowners and businesses in Oregon and Washington, including lift station repairs and maintenance services.

We’ll repair your lift station and ensure it’s operating smoothly and efficiently once again so your business can get back to normal. Contact us today to speak with an expert!

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Lift Station Repair in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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