Technician opening a septic tank for inspection If you’re a homeowner with a septic system, regular septic inspections are necessary to ensure your septic system is functioning properly.  By conducting routine inspections, homeowners can catch problems early, preventing costly repairs and keeping their septic system functioning efficiently. Whether you own a home with a septic system or are buying or selling a property, septic inspections are a vital part of maintaining your home and property.

What Happens During A Septic Inspection?

During a septic inspection, your technician will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your septic system. Before an inspection, the technician will usually need to pump or empty your septic holding tank so they are able to see the interior of the tank. They will inspect the septic tank, drain field, distribution box and other components of your system, looking for any signs of leaking, damage or aging. The technician will perform tests to check for leaks and ensure that your system is draining properly.

Why Do I Need A Septic Inspection?

Septic inspections are an important part of maintaining your home. Some reasons you may need a septic inspection include:
  • Routine Maintenance: Inspecting your septic system will ensure it is functioning properly and identify any issues before they lead to major problems and costly repairs.
  • Buying or Selling Your Home: Most home buyers’ will ask for a septic inspection as a condition of buying a home. It is important to know the condition of a septic system being purchasing a home as septic repairs or replacement can be extremely costly.
  • Septic Issues: If you begin to experience slow drains, foul odors, backups or other issues with drainage, you may need a septic inspection to fix any problems with your system.

Your Comprehensive Septic Evaluation

With every septic pumping job, you’ll also receive a Septic System Evaluation—a service only Speedy provides!

Common Inspection Findings and Costs

After your technician is finished with their inspection, they will provide you a report with their findings. Below are some of the common issues found during a septic inspection:
  • Swampy Drain Field: If your drain field is not properly draining and holding on to water you may need to rejuvenate or replace the field. Drain field rejuvenation can cost between $1,500 and $5,000, whereas replacement can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.
  • Pump Failure: The pump is responsible for ensuring water is pumped into the drain field. A failing septic pump can cause sewage backup into your home. Replacing a failing pump will cost $500 to $1,500.
  • Damaged Tank: Although septic tanks are built to last for 30 or more years, they occasionally crack and leak. If your tank can be repaired, it will cost an average of $2,000 but a tank replacement can range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on size and material.
  • Need Pumping: It is important to have your tank pumped regularly to keep your system functioning properly and avoid backups. Septic pumping can start at $250 for a simple pump but can increase if other issues arise.

Who Pays for Septic Inspections?

In most cases, the cost of a septic inspection will fall on the homeowner. If the septic is being inspected due to selling the home, it is common for the buyer to request the seller to have the septic tank inspected at the cost of the seller. Local rules and regulations for real estate contracts can vary and may dictate who pays for the septic inspection.

Professional Septic Services

Septic inspections are an essential part of maintaining a healthy and efficient septic system. By scheduling regular inspections of their system, homeowners can identify potential issues early on, prevent costly repairs, and ensure the longevity of their septic system. For over 40 years, Speedy Septic has been serving both residential and commercial customers in Oregon and Washington. Our technicians are not only fully licensed, bonded and insured, they have the experience and knowledge to handle any septic issue quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait until problems arise! Contact Speedy Septic today to schedule your septic inspection  and protect your septic system and your home.  Back to Septic Services

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