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Basement sump pump and basin. Speedy Septic provides sewer ejector pump service in Oregon and Washington.

If you rely on a sewer ejector pump to remove waste for your home or business, Speedy Septic is here for you. We provide fast and reliable sewer ejector pump service to customers in Oregon and Washington.

What is a Sewer Ejector Pump?

Sewer ejector pumps and grinder pumps come in a variety of sizes. They are designed to remove solid waste when plumbing fixtures are considerably lower than the level of the main sewer line or septic line.

For example, if you have a toilet located below your main sewer line, the sewer ejector pump will force it upward so that it can be discharged with the rest of your wastewater. These pumps are very common in basement bathrooms and basement laundry rooms.

How Does a Sewer Ejector Pump Work?

Sewer ejector pumps sit in a holding tank, called a sump basin, that’s buried underground and collects waste. Drain lines are connected to the sump basin and when the wastewater in the sump basin reaches a certain level, a float will activate the pump. Then, wastewater is pumped out of the basin and up into the septic tank or central sewer system.

Grinder Pump Service

Sewage grinder pumps are typically installed when the vertical lift exceeds 20 feet or when the sewer or septic line is a long distance away from the home. These powerful pumps actually “grind” up sewage before pumping it up. They not only help sewage flow more efficiently, but they also help prevent clogs. Up until recently, sewage grinder pumps were only meant for commercial use, but they’re now available for homeowners as well.

Professional Sewer Ejector Pump Service

Sewage ejector pumps and grinder pumps come in various sizes to meet the needs of most applications. If you’re interested in having a sewer ejector pump installed on your property, it’s recommended you contact a professional. Installing these requires plumbing and electrical knowledge as well as knowledge of building code requirements.

Speedy Septic is available 24/7 to help with your sewer ejector pumps and grinder pumps in Oregon and Washington. Whether it’s repairs to help prevent a flooded basement or sewage backup we can help. We are also able to install or replace older pumps that are no longer working efficiently.

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Sewer Ejector Pump Service in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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