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What is a Pressure Distribution System?

Pressure Distribution System in Portland area new build - Speedy Septic services septic in Oregon and Washington

In many cases, traditional septic systems rely on gravity to handle sewage disposal. However, certain situations may arise where gravity-based systems are not feasible or homeowners prefer an even distribution of wastewater. This is where an innovative Pressure Distribution System installed by Speedy Septic comes into play. 

What are the Parts of a Pressure Distribution System?

Before we get started, you should know what we mean when we’re talking about a pressure distribution system. It’s a type of septic system that uses pressure to evenly move wastewater into individual trenches. Pressure distribution systems typically consist of three main components:

  • The septic tank
  • The dosing pump and pump chamber
  • The drainfield and replacement area

Pressure Distribution System FAQs

Got questions about pressure distribution systems? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our Pressure Distribution System FAQs below — and if you don’t find the answer you need, give us a call!

How Does a Pressure Distribution System Work?

When explaining how a pressure distribution system works, it’s best to think of it in individual steps.

  1. Wastewater from the septic tank flows into the pump chamber.
  2. “On” and “Off” floats or timers inside of the chamber control the pump. When the wastewater rises to a certain level the pump turns on and equally distributes the wastewater into the drainfield lines.
  3. Once the sewage level drops, the pump turns off, allowing the drainfield to adequately absorb the sewage.
  4. To provide an extra layer of protection, a “high water” alarm float is also present. In the event that excessive water enters the chamber or if a system malfunction occurs, the alarm will sound. Should this happen, simply deactivate the alarm and seek assistance from a professional.

What Are the Advantages of Pressure Distribution Systems?

  • Versatility: Unlike gravity-based systems, Pressure Distribution Systems excel in various environments and situations.
  • Dosing and resting: These systems offer four periods of dosing and resting per day, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Reduced risk of seepage: Since wastewater is evenly distributed throughout the drainfield, the chances of seepage are significantly minimized.
  • Cost-effective option: Pressure distribution systems tend to be more budget-friendly compared to gravity systems.

What Are the Disadvantages of Pressure Distribution Systems?

  • Maintenance: Over time, residue can accumulate in the drainfield lines, potentially obstructing the openings. It is recommended to flush the lines at least twice a year to prevent clogging.
  • Time and cost of maintenance: Regular maintenance can involve additional costs and time investment.
  • Electricity requirement: Pressure distribution systems rely on electricity to operate effectively.

When Should You Use a Pressure Distribution System?

Pressure distribution systems are appropriate in situations:

  • Situations where the proposed drainfield is located on a slope.
  • Limited soil depth is present.
  • Large drainfields are required.
  • Areas with sensitivity to aquifers.
  • When there is a desire for evenly distributed wastewater.

Is a Pressure Distribution System Right for You?

Pressure Distribution Systems are an excellent alternative to gravity-based systems. Their versatility allows them to be used in various locations since they don’t rely on gravity to move wastewater. If you’re considering installing a new septic system on your property, contact Speedy Septic today!

Our team of expert technicians will assist you in determining the ideal septic system that suits both your needs and budget.

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Pressure Distribution System in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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