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Pressure Distribution System

Pressurized Septic System in Portland OR and Vancouver WA and The DallesMost septic systems rely on gravity to dispose of sewage, but there are situations when the site isn’t suitable for this type of system or a homeowner desires even distribution of wastewater. This is where having a pressure distribution can help.

What is a Pressure Distribution System?

A pressure distribution system is a type of septic system that uses pressure to evenly move wastewater into individual trenches. Pressure distribution systems typically consist of three main components:

  • The septic tank
  • The dosing pump and pump chamber
  • The drainfield and replacement area

How Does a Pressure Distribution System Work?

    1. Wastewater from the septic tank flows into the pump chamber.
    2. “On” and “Off” floats or timers inside of the chamber control the pump. When the wastewater rises to a certain level the pump turns on and equally distributes the wastewater into the drainfield lines.
    3. When the sewage level drops, the pump turns off allowing the drainfield to properly absorb the sewage.

In addition to the “On” and “Off” floats, there is a “high water” alarm float. If too much water enters the chamber or your system is malfunctioning, the alarm will warn you with a buzzing sound and light. If this happens, turn off the alarm and contact a professional.

What Are the Advantages of Pressure Distribution Systems

Versatility. Since they don’t rely on gravity, they work great in a variety of environments and situations.

They provide dosing and resting. This is typically four periods a day.

Since wastewater is equally distributed into the drainfield, there’s a reduced risk of seepage.

Pressure distribution systems are slightly less expensive than gravity systems.

What Are the Disadvantages of Pressure Distribution Systems?

  • Maintenance. Over time residue can buildup in the drainfield lines and clog the openings. So the lines should be flushed at least twice a year.
  • Cost and time due to maintenance.
  • They require electricity.

When to Use Pressure Distribution Systems

Pressure distribution systems are appropriate in situations:

  • Where the proposed drainfield is situated on a slope.
  • Where there is limited soil depth.
  • If a large drainfield will be used.
  • In aquifer-sensitive areas.
  • If evenly distributed wastewater is desired.

Pressure distribution systems are a great alternative to gravity systems. Because they don’t rely on gravity to move wastewater, they can be used nearly everywhere. If you’re interested in installing a new septic system on your property, contact Speedy Septic today! Our expert technicians will be happy to help you determine which type of septic system fits your needs and budget.

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Pressure Distribution System in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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